REVIEW: Columbus

This is the second installment of Taylor’s “Final [Film] Countdown of 2017,” in which he rushes to watch as many good movies from 2017 as possible before the year’s Oscars ceremony.

Columbus is a masterpiece of minimalism. It’s hard to believe this is director Kogonada’s first film, as he’s incredibly self-assured in his style already. Columbus tells the story of two people: Jin, a Korean-American translator who’s in town after his professor father fell into a coma, and Casey, a librarian dreaming of more who feels trapped looking after her addict mother.

This movie is so different in the best possible way. Some entire scenes are shot from just one camera angle that lasts for two or three minutes. The result is a film that breathes, that lives in the silences. Characters debate early on the nature of attention spans; this is a movie that rewards those with a lengthy attention span.

And my goodness, Haley Lu Richardson is phenomenal in this film, giving perhaps the best performance of the entire year. It’s a shame she got no consideration in this year’s Oscars. John Cho and Rory Culkin also turn in great performances.

Honestly, for those willing to abide a slow-burn and pay close attention, Columbus is one of 2017’s best treats. It’s a shame I didn’t discover it until 2018.

Best Part: Haley Lu Richardson. Literally every scene she’s in.

Worst Part: Hard to think of one. Maybe overly slow in some parts, but honestly, it’s mostly earned.


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