Review Season 2 Episode 3 Review

Forget “Parks and Recreation.” “Review with Forrest MacNeil” is the true successor to “The Office.”

Not since “The Office” have I seen a show so perfectly blend pathos, intelligence and face-puckeringly-cringey comedy. Every episode there is some new sequence that leaves me agape and horrified at the totally in-character antics of the protagonist. Yet I’ll also find myself oddly emotionally affected by some sequences, like the finale of season 1.

Season 2 started a bit slow, but after this episode got Forrest a new girlfriend and burned down his father’s house, we’re up and rolling. I love that this episode began with Forrest being falsely accused of arson and then basically committing arson by the episode’s end, when his commitment to being a “little person” means he refuses to stand for a fire extinguisher. Something tells me he would have died in that fire before he’d break character, which is terrifying and impressive at the same time.

If anything, this episode pulled its punches more than usual. The scene was set for the high school student to unmask Forrest and completely blow his (super-creepy) cover with Mrs. Greenwood (who is hilariously never referred to by her actual name all episode). But he just flipped off the camera instead. We’ll see how long Mrs. Greenwood sticks around now that she’s seen the depths of Forrest’s madness.

Ultimately, this is a fantastic series that goes to places 90% of other comedies aren’t even willing to touch, without being horribly vulgar about it. Review’s latest episode gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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