A Simple Case for the Implementation and Usage of Time Travel

“I really don’t think my life would be better with time travel,” said no one ever. Continue reading

Screenshot from Daredevil's "Into the Ring"

First Impressions: Daredevil: “Into the Ring” / “Cut Man”

Hey, look at this: my first TV show review. Netflix’s Daredevil just premiered over the weekend and I got the chance to watch the first couple of episodes. Continue reading

American Sniper image

Why I Liked “American Sniper”: Its Defiant Apoliticism

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I walked into American Sniper, but I expected it to be controversial. I was a week late in seeing it, after the film took the box office by surprise and became the second-biggest R-rated movie of all time (behind 2004’s The Passion of the Christ). It seemed everyone I knew had seen it and had an opinion on it. “American Sniper is anti-Muslim and merely war propaganda” posts were mixing simultaneously with “American Sniper is pacifist and anti-war” posts. So the biggest surprise of Sniper was not its politics when I left the theater; it was its utter lack of politics. Continue reading